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What is WP Video Training?

WP Video Training is a Free Online WordPress Training Membership. Our WordPress video courses are geared towards non-techie business users who need to learn WordPress quickly and easily.

Who uses WP Video Training?

All types of people. Some of our members are looking to add WordPress skills to their resume, while others are are hobbyists building a website in their area of interest.

What is WP Video Training videos going to teach you?

You will get free access to 39 free wordpress training videos and 14 cPanel training videos.

These 53 free WordPress and cPanel Training Videos For Beginners will take you by the hand and show you everything you need to know about WordPress and cPanel.

What will you learn from this Free Online WordPress and cPanel Training?

Video 1: WordPress Instant Install
Video 2: WordPress Manual Install
Video 3: WordPress Cleanup
Video 4: WordPress Security
Video 5: WordPress Dashboard Tour
Video 6: WordPress Page vs Post
Video 7: WordPress Create Page
Video 8: WordPress Create Post
Video 9: WordPress Plugins
Video 10: WordPress Theme
Video 11: WordPress Widget
Video 12: WordPress Menu
Video 13: WordPress Basic SEO
Video 14: WordPress Bruteforce Prevention
Video 15: WordPress What Is WP
Video 16: WordPress WPorg vs WPcom

How To Make Your WordPress Website Load Super Fast

Video 1: WordPress Speed Importance
Video 2: WordPress : Speed Test Tools
Video 3: WordPress YSlow
Video 4: WordPress : Page Speed Insights
Video 5: WordPress : Image Optimization
Video 6: WordPress Optimize Homepage
Video 7: WordPress : Optimize Database
Video 8: WordPress Gzip Compression
Video 9: WordPress Browser Caching
Video 10: WordPress W3 Total Cache
Video 11: WordPress W3 Total Removal

WordPress How To Videos ” WordPress Security Setup

Video 1: WordPress Manual Install More Secure Setup
Video 2: WordPress Auto Setup More Secure 1 Click Install
Video 3: WordPress Secure FTP
Video 4: WordPress WordPress : Secure WP Config
Video 5: WordPress Secure Admin
Video 6: WordPress Secure Hosting Monitoring
Video 7: WordPress Generate Strong Passwords
Video 8: WordPress Edit DB Prefix
Video 9: WordPress Secure Cleanup
Video 10: WordPress iThemes Security
Video 11: WordPress Prevent Brute Force
Video 12: WordPress Full Backup And Restore
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cPanel How To Training Videos

Video 1: cPanel Intro
Video 2: Create Email cPanel
Video 3: cPanel Email Forwarder
Video 4: Create Gmail Account
Video 5: Gmail Email Forwarder
Video 6: cPanel Logs
Video 7: cPanel SecurityPanel
Video 8: cPanel Password Protect Folder
Video 9: cPanel Create MySQL
Video 10: cPanel Customize Error Pages
Video 11: Create Favicon
Video 12: cPanel Backup Restore
Video 13: cPanel Create Redirect
Video 14: Google Alerts

How much do the courses cost?

100% FREE

Are all of the courses video based?


How do I access this free WordPress Training??

All you need to do is sign up here for free training – https://www.wpvideotraining.org/wp-login.php?action=register

How many times can I watch this video training?

There’s no limit.

Why are we giving all this training away for free?

We want to help as many people as possible at building a successful business.






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